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Hemp blazer - Blue sleeveless hemp blazer S-M

This sleeveless blazer is cut in a relaxed fit and crafted from hemp, with a silky and polished touch. Perfect in combination with bermuda shorts. Composition: 100 %25 hemp. Hemp is an amazing sustainable fabric! Probably one of the best sustainable textiles available. Hemp is hypoallergenic. It is also UV protected, antibacterial, breathable and absorbant. The buttons are made from the corozo nut, or tagua nut. This is the seed of a tropical palm known scientifically as the phytelephas macrocarpas. It’s found throughout Northern South America and parts of Panama and the process of buttons production is totally sustainable. GOTS certified. Care Wash Cool – whether you wash in a machine on gentle-cycle or in basin, use cool water, this prevents any shrinkage in the fabric. Hang Dry – air dry on a hanger or clothesline, avoid machine drying if at all possible. Not only does this use less energy but it keeps the integrity of the fibers intact for years to come. Iron – iron with steam as needed. Size Guide Measurement S M L Bust (cm) 84–88 88–92 92–96 Waist (cm) 64–68 68–72 73–76 Hips (cm) 92–96 96–100 101–106

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